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WCM-Q in Brief
Shared Values
Shared Value
WCM-Q celebrates the values that inspire its people to achieve excellence in education, patient care, and biomedical research.
QF HMC Aspetar
Qatar Foundation is promoting long-term, sustainable development in Qatar, in education, research, entrepreneurship, and health and social affairs. Its flagship project is Education City in Doha.
Qatar Foundation
The state health-care provider for Qatar, Hamad Medical Corporation manages five internationally accredited hospitals. It is working with WCMC-Q in medical education, patient care and biomedical research.
Hamad Medical Corporation
Aspetar is the first specialised Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in the Gulf region.
The National Health Authority plans and oversees Qatar's national health policy and regulatory framework, and monitors and evaluates health care services. A main focus in 2008 is the enhancement of primary care.
Hamad Medical Corporation
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is one the most comprehensive university hospitals in the world, with leading specialists in every field of medicine.
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Qatar Foundation's Sidra Medical and Research Center, set to open in Education City in 2012, will be a premier facility for health care and clinical research, and a partner of WCMC-Q.
Sidra Medical Research Center
The Methodist Hospital System in Houston, Texas | Houston hospital that is a leader in heart care, orthopedics, organ transplant, cancer treatment, neurology and neurosurgery, cancer.
Methodist Hospital
Campus News
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WCM-Q research named as one of the most significant studies of 2015
WCM-Q research named as one of the most significant studies of 2015
Studentsí discovery could affect diabetes drug prescriptions
Students’ discovery could affect diabetes drug prescriptions
The role of sleep in human health
The role of sleep in human health
New uterine fibroids therapies discussed at WCM-Q Grand Rounds
WCM-Q research into obesity reveals new process for how fat cells increase in number
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